quinta-feira, maio 29, 2008

segunda-feira, maio 26, 2008

É hoje

Até já Cat;)

domingo, maio 25, 2008

A ultima semana foi assim...

O Torneio - XXXVIIIth MERCURIALES 2008 (Universidade HEC - PARIS):

«Les Mercuriales HEC » is a student club that, since 1981, has been organizing a large sports tournament at university level.
From May 18th to May 24th 2008, over 500 athletic students, both French and International, will meet at HEC to compete in both men’s and women’s tournaments, in sports such as soccer, rugby, basketball, handball, and volleyball.
In 2007, we welcomed seven foreign delegations from Italy, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Denmark, and Israel. Of course, HEC students and students from other nearby French universities were also invited.
However, the week is not just about the sports tournaments. First of all, exhibition matches are organized between professional French teams and the best student athletes. Many activities are also planned on campus for our guests and for HEC students, such as : a barbecue, snack breaks, concerts, and most importantly three parties, one of which, “la Nuit des Mercuriales”(Mercuriales Night) will be organized with the HEC student association.

Os participantes:

Den Haag (Holland) : They will be here for the first time, and want to play “social rugby”

Pula (Croatia) : They are coming for the first time in 2008… They can’t wait to know the Mercuriales spirit !

CBS (Denmark) : A bunch of crazy party people who promised to come again in 2008 with female teams.

University of Liuc (Italy) : They come every year with their incredible team spirit !

Instituto Superior Tecnico (Portugal) : They can play every sport : football, basket-ball,… but their favourite playground is the party !

University of Köln (Germany): Nice players by daylight, they will always surprise us at night… Viva Colonia !

Elte (Hungary) : How many were they in 2007 ? 110 ! The craziest team spirit we had ever seen!

Boconni (Italy) : A female volley-ball team that won the tough competition ! And open-bar specialists !

Ohalo College (Israel) : Last year, they came to win, and they won. Any challengers for them this year ?

Warsaw (Poland): They prepared a choregraphy and got the dance prize ! They also played amazingly.

Corvinus (Hungary) : International delegation, with Spanish players ! Incredible motivation on the sportsfields, and at night…

And some French teams of course : HEC, Supelec, ENS,… All very pleased to welcome the foreign delegations !

Correu bem, ficámos em 3º lugar...
Mas o regresso é sempre penoso. Custa abandonar aquela micro-realidade de desporto + festa num cenário muito agradável e envolto de um espirito fantástico.
Já conto os dias para o torneio do Ano que vem...
É uma semana inesquecivel e indescritível em que tudo acontece!!
Esta foi a minha 5ª participação e ,enquanto houver forças, vou continuar a marcar presença com a bicharada do basquete;)

segunda-feira, maio 12, 2008


Finalmente, chegou o meu novo brinquedo...

sexta-feira, maio 02, 2008

! * !

Esta melodia pop, electro-rock meio psicadélico, não me sai da cabeça...
É de consumo rápido mas transmite boas ondas;)